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Sri Lanka is one of bio diversity hot spots in the world, because of it's rich ecological habitats. From south western rainforests to dry deciduous forests, grass lands, upper montane rain forests and widely distributed costal wetlands attract birds through out the year.   

   435 species of avifauna were recorded in this small island and it is nearly 1/3 of total birds found from Indian subcontinent. High percentage of endemic birds (24species) and rare species can be seen in south western region of the country and it is identified as one of the eight centers of endemism (conservation hotspots) by Bird Life International 1998.

   Many birds migrate through Pakistan and India from October to March and it is the best season for bird watchers. It is possible to see  more than hundred species within five to six days.

   The southwestern rain forests like Sinharaja World Heritage  are the major habitat for all most all the endemic species (except Sri Lanka whistling thrush Myophonus blighi) . But the other part of the island is covered by dry mixed evergreen forests and grass lands, provides easy bird sightings.  

   Muthurajawela (near Katunayake airport), Bundala, and Aththidiya are the major breeding places of most resident waders and also good feeding place for winter visitors.    


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